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spam publicitaire sur les pages facebook
Maxime JOURDANFri Jan 16 1970
facebook spam
This site is completely legitimate; it simply hides the destination website from seeing the HTTP-Header-passed "referer" value. In other words, it prevents the website from knowing which site you came from before clicking this link. The site itself is clean. That said, some people may use it for unclean purposes (such as redirecting to a malicious website). Anyone that pretends otherwise is misleaded and should not be taken seriously. This site delivers a simple service and is not to blame for other peoples' acts. Note: If I am wrong on any point, feel free to contact me.
anandavalaFri Jan 16 1970
This site provides anonymous referals, i.e. it connects you to another site without revealing which site refered you. I see here that some people have been refered to dodgy sites and therefore given this site a bad reputation, however this site is not responsible for the content on the refered site, it just mediates the connection. Google "" to find out more...
I can understand a little caution with respect to children, only because commenters occasionally use foul language. I can also see that many fundagelicals would object to this site because of its unabashed atheistic view point. Many of us on the rational side of that debate, however, view the fundagelicals as child abusers, so I suppose it all evens out in the end. Ah ha! I just realized that the rating is not for http://, but some site that maybe has a tracking pixel, or something. I don't know anything about that site ( -- is that really a site?). My comments relate to Pharyngula, not the offending site.
I thkink this website is safe . Only bring redirection to any web page.
akbaryahya0Fri Jan 16 1970
philip.ratcliffeFri Jan 16 1970
This is a normal journalistic site containing serious interviews and news stories.
This page is only a refferer hider
KnightHarbingerSat Jan 17 1970
It an anonymous http referrer service. Move along nothing bad to see here.

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