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I tried to figure out why this cdn is trying to send 1024 kbps of data to my network—specifically, to my wife's iPhone. I went to the site and got a "bad customer hash" response. The site itself might be blameless regarding that data stream, but it would help if they would leave some kind of information on their web page.
hwcdn is short for HighWinds Content Delivery Network. You can find them by going to the site. They are a Caching content delivery network for lots of companies. so if you see that website come up some other company has posted their files there for you to access faster. They do however also allow those companies to track what is being downloaded by who and such. But they are only a caching server company as far as i can tell in the cursory research i did. thanks. hope this helps.
TheBonobo4Thu Jan 15 1970
I went on the site and got "Directory level requests are not allowed."
used by one of my utility companies, AMEREN. I guess I gotta trust it and allow it.
Tried to install a pup when visiting Appreciate this is a Content Delivery Network, but it should vet content that is being delivered and shouldn't install anything without specific approval from the user to do so. Google safe also lists this site as having an infection within the last 90 days and Emsisoft Antimalware detects (And stops) pup download. Virustotal also shows this as a positive result for malware. (See is a porn site. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material.
Used to display the animated background of the Digital Extremes Warframes storefront. Curious....

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