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A fun and safe site for Minecraft server Hypixel.
syktyvkar0Sat Jan 17 1970
The best site and Minecraft server!
DutchsmashSat Jan 17 1970
Hey, Well i was having fun on hypixel for about a year ago. Than, i got banned with not having a good reason to be banned. The watchdogs system is a fsilture of the hole server, there system is nit good at all. Please if you want to play om this server, be cairefull because of the false bans and they will not unban you! Besides that part, its a good servers, hackers getting cleared all day.
Good website with Minecraft mod.
NoahLiedFilmSun Jan 18 1970
Hypixel is a Minecraft server with a really nice online community on the forums. The site is really child safe, there is a good chat filter.
Hypixel is safe, security is really important for us to protect the players.

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92 / 100