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The site itself is not a specific cp-site, but a large online meeting place for pedophiles and other child-lovers, who swap their "material" via emails and/or fileshare-websites such as gigatribe and/or rapidshare. It contains lots of boy and girl model-sets in defiinite poses and collections of child-photographs and pictures, gathered from all accessible sources, - plus the accompanying coments, which leaves absolutely no doubt of what sort of people the site's members and visitors are. For registering only a valid email-address is required, and even if the account will be locked and deleted, due to "violation/s" of the site's rules, that doesn't necessarily mean to be generally banned from the site. A new email-address means a new account. This website was once founded by a widely known pedophile, nicknamed SkinnyBravo, who was/is closely related to the banned child porn website, which is now redirected to (a general gay website).
swayonshayFri Jan 16 1970
Alot of adult content via this image hosting site
Adult Content.
Some very nice pictures (all sorts from lanscapes to monuments to portraits and whatever - inc. mine ;-) ), but also some child porn...
jbluez2003Thu Jan 15 1970
Jump Da Fuck UpThu Jan 15 1970
Pädophile Spannerseite, Stopp!!!
NøkkenbuerFri Jan 16 1970
A fair amount of porn, specifically child pornography (which is illegal in most countries, including the United States and Russia), but an otherwise... "Okay" site.
mtgersteinFri Jan 16 1970
I found this site when looking for something else, and all the images that came up from this site were of nude, or nearly nude, children. When I clicked on the link to see if the site was specifically child porn or a general image-sharing site, my malware program prevented that, saying it blocked a virus.
pilotclan9404Thu Jan 15 1970
Nice Place I have never found CP So yea...

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