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10 years ago
I disagree with those who say this is a negligent charity. They are a BBB accredited charity and have a lot of big sponsors behind them. If they were not on the up-and-up these sponsors would not be in support of the charity.
11 years ago is registered with spam haven ENOM. Enom aka Demand Media may be the second largest registrar, but its reputation is on the bottom rung. Between December 2009 and April 2010, Internet compliance firms LegitScript and KnujOn provided 16 domain name registrars with evidence that their services were being abused by rogue Internet pharmacies. The evidence included letters from pharmacy licensing boards stating that the pharmacy licenses displayed on the websites were forgeries, and screen-shots showing that the websites were selling prescription drugs like OxyContin or Viagra without a prescription. According to the report, "11 of the registrars suspended services to the websites, but 5 others, eNom (DemandMedia), UK2 Group, Moniker, CentroHost and Realtime Register, allowed some or all of the websites to continue using their paid services. Why should decent companies continue to give their business to crime sponsors? And yet ICANN accredits them. Go figure how much revenue ICANN and eNom receive from cyber-crime support. It is disgraceful. According to HostExploit, eNom is host to an unusually large number of malicious websites and is a preferred domain name registrar for pharmaceutical spammers and fraudsters. In fact, HostExploit currently ranked Demand Media as the worst ISP in the world, a ranking that's based on how the ISP is used to distribute spam and malicious software. Although the company has registered just over 8 percent of the world's domain names, it has also been used to register about one-third of all known fake pharmacy Web sites." ICANN is finally looking at ENOM's crime sponsorship .. see .. or As of June 2, 2011, the abuse rate comparison between top registrar Godaddy and second largest registrar eNom shows * ENOM = 42.5% - 1157 of 2724 domains registered at are listed as spammed in the 5 day period * GODADDY = 7.2% - 345 of 4815 domains registered at are listed as spammed in the 5 day period That shows the difference between a registrar (GODADDY) that discourages crime by rapidly terminating abusive domains, and ENOM which has not taken its responsibilities seriously. Enom (DemandMedia) is a disgrace in the Internet community. The company should take control of the abuse it is suffering. This site is just another example. Enom is providing a safe haven for illegal operations. Yet Enom's terms and conditions permit instant suspension. No ethical registrar welcomes criminal abuse of its services. Why does Enom? They have an unacceptably high proportion of registered customer domains caught and reported by spam-traps. Enom needs to monitor the spammed domains in its portfolio of service contracts and suspend the guilty ones in accordance with its terms and conditions. Otherwise its reputation will continue to sink. In terms of the total amount of bad activity, eNom is as bad as McColo. Based in San Jose, California, McColo was a notorious Internet service provider that was taken offline by its upstream service providers two years ago, after HostExploit published a report on the malicious activity on its network.

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