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This site is used as a messaging service by other websites. They provide services to communicate with users by messaging and email. The site could therfore be used for suspicious activity but it is not intended as such. If you trust the website that uses the services of then it should be ok.
Absolutely excellent tool with great, friendly customer service.
This is a good site, used for business communications. If you trust the users of the site you are linked too then you should be OK, BUT Google does warn that there are SOME links, namely, which link to malware sites that could download malware or pups onto your system. As a result, marked this site with caution (More to do with the fact that the target is, which users might reasonably expect to be safe.
Solid product for customer support and retention and analysis
jotajotaemeqSun Jan 18 1970
Great product to improve customer onboarding. A little expensive for startups.

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