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Internet domain registrations, domain names and domain name registrations directly from the official ICANN and EURid .eu domain name registrar, including FREE Url and Email forwarding – eu domain name registrations.

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Getting them to take down phishing sites has proved an annoyance and makes me question their integrity.

Fails to address issues with spam sites sponsored by this registrar.

Shadow service for bogus domains. Private WHOIS with physical address in Panama is a loophole for questionable domains. is the registrant of this domain. See: (The reputation of

Rogue registrar. See page 7 of this report:

The spamvertised domains registered by / continue to be used in spam messages, fluctuating from 74% continuous same-spam-domain registration in May 2012 to 38% earlier in April 2012, to 50% in August 2012. See this for the current continuous spam domain registration by

heroselohimThu Jan 15 1970

No spam. You will receive mails only when you have activity/operations in your account. The domain manager is fast and easy to use. This is my first choice for domain registering. I would expect users stop posting opinions from rumors, they would be really better out of WOT. I have transferred domains easily. They are not like other hosting providers that don't allow you to take your domain elsewhere. Private WHOIS is free and you can choose to NOT enable it.

I have started moving all my domains to them. The service is fast and professional.

Great place for all your domaining needs.

It's a very good domain registrar, and one of the only ones to offer free private whois (which would cost about as much as the domain name itself for most other registrars), not to mention the cheapest .com prices.

In response to being labeled as a "rogue registrar", it's important to note that the registrar is not responsible for the content of registered domain. The registrar cannot simply revoke a domain registration on allegation alone. That would be like calling Yellowpages a "rogue publisher" for listing phone numbers for businesses or individuals who *may* be involved with activity that some some might consider distasteful, illegal, etc. Despite this, has taken the proactive step of tightening their Terms and conditions to help reduce the number of alleged illegal pharmacies. Link to announcement ->

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80 / 100

Child Safety

83 / 100