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Islamic website that follows quran and the sunnah of the Prophet saw + relies on the understanding of the companions.
The Islam Question and Answer website is an advocacy, scientific, and educational website that aims to provide consultations and authentic scientific answers in an adequate and easy way.
Nice islamic website
As a muslim, i advise you de beware of this site, it's run by a bunch of radical salafists that DOES NOT represent islam or muslims, nor the holy Coran or our prophet Mohammed, It makes our community dumper than what it is now, stopping it from evolving in this new world with words dating 1400 years ago ! Use your brains, ladies and gentleman, don't let ignorant people make a fool or your life, read the Coran yourself and search then adapt, don't put the key of your religion between hypocritical hands, don't rely on people that destroyed your countries and made you retarded, that are paid by a criminal government wanting women to have as much rights as dogs and men to kill themselves for things that doesn't concern them for their sake and power !
One of the best Islamic QA website.
This website is totally safe from any phishing or any other threats. Scanned through all website scanner. Whoever rated this website as a bad reputation that is because of this site had slight offense information towards them. The reputation going down because of their own perspective after all. For short, it depends on situation. For me, I'm Islam . If we do terrorism, why don't we did it long time ago since the came of Islam which is the end of Jahilliyah (Time of Ignorance before Islam) where you'd be proud of? So that people like "you" can be erased out of existence. Right? No, because we don't. Take simple situation, there's a man, robbing a gold shop owned by a person which his/her religion is Islam, while the robber is "others" religion, I'm just saying, no offense, after the incident, do we necessary/automatically blame the person for what he did or whatever his religion? So, it depends on how you saw them, not that you saw of what there are. Cheers ! Assalammu 'alaykum... :) Have a nice day!..
only islamophobics or innovators would rate this site in negative, or maybe ignorants sometimes.. Defitinely a good site !
Site is clean. No malicious code to be found anywhere. The only things hidden in the website code are Google-Analytics & AddThis. People, please keep it professional & objective. Give ratings based on a website's coding, not your religious points of view.
I know that many people consider this religion as a terrorism station but it's not. Well, you may actually find some verses in the Quran that says "fight" but these verses are not actually for our time. If you read the islamic history and Sunnah you will find that these verses were for the Prophet Muhammed because he and his followers were treated badly (Violence), they protested peacefully but it didn't work so they waited for some verses that let them defend and fight against people that harmed them. The religion is teaching peace if you take a look at the rules of the war in Islam you will see that Islam is not a religion of violence. And war is just for defending. I don't know if there are any posts in this website that encourage killing or violence but what I saw on the website was good content. I consider that some parts of the website are safe. No Malwares or Viruses as well. Safe for browsing.
Tries to justify silly claims made in old books as facts and science and misleads all of its followers.  For example:
Attempts to justify terrorism: Reference: *****
Website that promotes ( or is involved in ) terrorist activities.
Promote terrorism : *****
======================================== Website engaged in promotion of terrorist activities ======================================== STAY AWAY - DANGEROUS SITE
It's a good website and I always rely on it if I ever have any question. Although the site is correct the great majority of the time, it usually always takes the most conservative opinion so it's good to ask somewhere else if something is up. Other than that, it's a great place.
A website which asserts its own Islamic perspective. It can be informative to some Muslims in seeking validation for their beliefs, but the credibility and ethics of its claims are questionable at best. For example, t refers to Ahmadi Muslims as "kaafirs", which is a derogatory and insulting term that attempts to reject them as "true" Muslims. Not new behavior among the religious, seeing as many Christians reject Mormons along similar grounds. It shows how hostile they are toward other religious sects, however, since they're willing to so openly denigrate and degrade the third largest branch of Islam simply because their beliefs differ significantly from traditional Islam. I personally wouldn't recommend this site for any sort of education on Islam's views, since the content here are the opinions of its authors. I am not a Muslim, however, so perhaps a Muslim would find this site useful when validating or exploring their beliefs. In my opinion, there are better sites for a Muslim to visit when learning about their religion, but it's ultimately up to the adherent. The site, at least, appears to be safe and poses no threat to your computer.
موقع مفيد جدّا موقع موثوق فيه.فنحن المسلمين نثق في بعضنا موقع صديق للأطفال. يمكن نشر مقالاته عبر المواقع الإجتماعيّة.
Excellent site !
Most ratings for this site are positives,so I don't know why the red circle steel boring people ? this site is one of best Islamic sites, shame on you who rate it untrust

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