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Newest Safety Reputation 2/26 Domain 1st Registered Unknown Server Location Flag (US) United States IP: ***** Safety Scan Report Favicon SCUMWARE Alert View more details... Troj/SEO-A FakeAlert Gen:Variant.Zusy.145835 HTML/Framer Mal/FBScam-A MSIL/Injector.GWH trojan Mal/Phish-A Win32/Autoit.MF worm see full list at ***** PhishTank Alert View more details... *****
2 Infected site. Spam, scam and possible phishing.
This site is by ***** and I have always used this. I looked at other reviews and they seem pretty dangerous. I noticed those reviews I read were from years ago and some other company owned that.
Attention!. The site is phishing. ***** ***** *****
Esse site está direcionando para o site falso do Bradesco. hxxp://
Being an URL redirector is only a small problem, but being an URL redirector and having the redirector up when the target site has already been deleted is a big problem. [edited] Or, just not acting like all other redirectors as in e.g. hxxps:// which still utimately recitects to hxxp:// hxxps:// redirects to hxxp://
this site is bad!
CartaSi phishing site ( Malware: (
DANGEROUS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This site allows criminals to use URL redirection services for their illegal needs. Avoid this domain at all costs.
spamming spammers spamming spamtraps [appl]
Timeshare Scam - Contains Virus/Malware: ***** Unsolicited Spam Originating From: Denver Co ( Originating Network(s): ***** Date Received: ***** Click Link: Redirect: ***** Responding IP: ***** Click Link: ***** Redirect: Responding IP: ***** Name Server: ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** nameserver: ***** nameserver: ***** nameserver: ***** nameserver: ***** nameserver: ***** nameserver: ***** nameserver: ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** Reply-To: <> Return-Path: <> Contents of Spam: From: "" <> To: x Sent: Friday, March 29, 2013 3:58 AM Subject: hi Tired of the same old vacation spot? We can help you sell your timeshare:
another domain for famous htt://www.***** URL Shortening website nothing harmful in the essences of it but someone can use it for bad reasons it's not fault
Attention!. The site is phishing. ***** ***** *****
Сервис сокращения длинных url.
Domain of, the site to shorten links to "[insertcodehere]". Although shortened links may lead to spam and etc, it is not's fault, but the users' (of course, the ones who made the link)
URL Shortener, owned by!
Spamvertized url) forwards to *****
Good URL shortener (PART OF, though it can be abused to conceal real URLs, so think before you click. Also, they don't offer you an option to delete your account, which can be considered unethical. *****
2 - This domain or a related subdomain was detected as a confirmed phishing site in December 2011. It was listed at ***** where you can search on it for more details. Beware of links that look like a bank, but actually send you to a different site. Here are some other examples - ***** is actually the site ***** - nothing to do with Paypal ***** is actually ***** and nothing to do with Paypal is actually IDSTKOI.COM and nothing to do with Bank of America ***** is actually ***** and nothing to do with Bank of America Phish sites may later be cleaned up and made safe again, but owners need to improve their security to prevent reinfection.
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