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The Janrain User Management Platform comprises core products for social login and sharing, social profile data, registration and single sign-on.

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janrain.comreviews 4

Has ignored customer complaints about several broken items on the MyOpenID site (such as SSL client cert generation) after repeated attempts to contact them. (For over a year!)


From their site:

"Collect, store and leverage user profile data from social networks…"

Any body that actively collects information from a persons multiple login data can link usernames and e-mail addresses with profiles, comments, searches, what you read, buy, watch, who you contact, your friends, your comments, tweets, and eventually know your identity, your details and your friends.

This type of activity can potentially be very dangerous to the user. Always use different usernames and passwords and, if possible, a couple of different e-mail addresses. Do not use single login to access different sites, especially social networks, webmail and searches.


After reading about what it does and the complaints this one gets a full red.


Jack- the-SnailFri Jan 16 1970

the best of multichannel-tracking and a fast money making machine.


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88 / 100

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93 / 100