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Jiji was once known as olx. I do not know why they changed the name but it is not as god as it used to be. The website is safe but you have to be cautious about the things that you buy from the various sellers.
I hvae been usng jiji since way back when it was known as olx. It has some very good deals that I never want to miss. It does not only offer used items but new ones too. There is a wide variety.
If you ever feel like you need to sell some things because they are taking up space and you do not need them anymore then you can easily sell them on jiji. Just take pictures and post.
This is an online palce where you can sell any of the things that you have in your house or even buy some. It is as simple as that. It is like a marketplace for everybody.
Jiji is a safe place to sell and buy things. If you have some thing in your house that you no longer need you can sell them easily in the website as long as you put a good price on it.
Jiji has saved me a lot of cash because using the website or the app I can be able to sell pretty much anything that I want and getting a customer is very easy . It has both used and new products.
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