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This is a fake website. The real website is
It's not the real site, just a scam.
Fake site. The real site is down.  This is one of many fakes that popped up. Probably to get your IP, login or spread drive-by viruses.
Chris.TuziSat Jan 17 1970
not a bad site so please do not rate as bad ok?
Not a bad site, but need guidance
This Site is a fake one, I don't know what's the purpose of the making a site like this, but probably it's not feels right..
oliszewskaiSat Jan 17 1970 is a fake site. The real one is It has been verified by COMODO and is encrypted.
Marked as 'bad' by WOT, but it's just a BitTorrent site. No Biggie...
The site is no more - so this leads to not logging in but creating an account. The seekers of the real site, it is at present I was recognised and know it to be real - at present. This site is irrelevant and thus a scam of some sort.
fake site you need the real one htxxtps://kat(dot).cr/

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