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Visit Kijiji for Canada's largest and most visited free classifieds site with millions of ads. Categories include buy & sell, cars, pets, jobs, homes, and more.

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evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970
An eBay Inc. owned and operated website.
alexis_liamSat Jan 17 1970
Canada's classified ads online site.
FrancewhoaThu Jan 15 1970
Great site. Just know how to avoid fraud or scam ads.
Canadian classifieds site. As always, be careful when completing transactions online.
sicilian22Sat Jan 17 1970
Хороший сайт, мне нравится, пользуюсь уже давно.
clincharooSat Jan 17 1970
The site itself is OK, but the sellers on Kijiji can be scammers. Do yourself a favor and verify sellers before meeting them. Kijiji doesn't offer much support to avoid scammers. I wish they did more.
jason stoneFri Jan 16 1970
it's a good place to sell and buy something from your local community. at least, i sold a dog there with a reasonable price about 2 years ago.
amazing supporting site even if you go to get help form staff of site, helpful, ALL WAYS MAKE SURE YOU NOT USE A EMAIL ADDRESS THAT WIL LINK YOU TO YOUR IDENITY LIKE FACEBOOK OR ECT.. There is people that use this site to jest to get your email and never replay back to you, as some people can make money off your email and as well send you allot of junk mail. be safe and smart..
safe site. not recommended for children due to off-site advertising.

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