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abhiroop43Sat Jan 17 1970
I had placed an order for the game Rust. They deducted the bill amount from my account but kept the order on hold for proxy verification and asking about my present location. I replied to them with all the details the asked, but they did not respond. I sent them several reminders and raised another support ticket also, but they just did not even bother to respond. Such is the customer service of Kinguin. They simply stole the money for themselves and became completely silent.
your_site_punisherFri Jan 16 1970
sells fraud/invalid keys
1 out 5 deals go wrong. Problem is that misses a sophisticated quality management for their vendors. -> Difficult for users to rate vendors. -> wrong articles get delivered / had non-working keys or missing keys. -> customer service gets back to you within an hour, but without solutions. They have to wait for the vendor to respond. -> getting your money back is a painfully slow process. All over all I consider this being on the edge to Scam... My advice: never go with the cheapest vendor and NEVER go with one which has not been rated a 100%
Good trustful site. Keys are received in a few seconds.
I registered just to answer any questions about this website, I'm COMPLETELY outraged that they'd ask for my License. They have no right in doing that, I tried to purchase from them and I'm very upset with the service I got. Buying game keys from this website is not worth it, I would never give anyone my License. Take your business elsewhere. They also have a "send email form" which doesn't actually do anything at all, it just takes you to their technical support system (which is just tickets...) and the "Live Chat" just takes you to LITERALLY the exact same place.
William.HarySat Jan 17 1970
Bonjour, Marchand a fuir ! Si par malheur vous tombez sur l'achat pour qui l’identité doit être vérifiée... vous n'avez qu'a attendre (aucune réponse plus de 48h après ma commande) Service client déplorable. Je n'ai jamais eu ce genre d’expérience au paravent pourtant très adepte de l'achat de clé... Je ne recommande pas ! - See more at:
peterbookerSat Jan 17 1970
I recently ordered Settlers 7 from them and received the key immediately. Sadly, this was a used CD key and would not active. After contacting support I provided the screen shots they requested, showing the Used CD Key error message and the game not in my library: They then claimed they had to discuss it with the seller (it is a market place) and after almost 2 days informed me I would have to get proof from Ubisoft that the CD Key was used before I purchased the product. I am currently going through a Paypal dispute, as it seems like a scam to me. If it is not, they need to begin doing business more responsibly and protect users from their sellers attempting to scam people.
Shadowcat11Sat Jan 17 1970
I bought a game from this site. Everything was ok and I received my key in 1 minute. I do recommend this site.
The 2nd LawFri Jan 16 1970
This site has a great concept, basically it's taking multiple legit sites you can buy online from and lists their goods on their own site. So for example I was looking to buy Guild Wars 2, I searched for the game on Kinguin, and it showed me the cheapest store I can get it from, you pay directly through Kinguin and they take the responsibility for supporting and supplying you with the game. I bought GW2 twice, the first time they gave me the key instantly (not my email, but on their site), the second time the order status changed to "on hold" and automatically opened a support ticket that asked me to show them some kind of document to prove I'm the person I say I am. I took a photo of my driving license and I forgot to add a piece of paper with the invoice ID, however they still accepted that, and within 5 minutes they closed the ticket and gave me the cd key. Excellent customer service and super fast system, will buy again.
Steve-o.AndersSat Jan 17 1970
They have great prices, but their support is useless. They request sensitive information you shouldn't have to provide and blackmail you into closing disputes, (against Paypal's recommendation), before providing you with a resolution. I no longer trust them. They only get 2 stars because I've save a bit of moneyin the past but this isn't worth it.

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