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Cool website where you could read about some eccentric people. Look forward to it coming back soon.
Hate, stalking, and doxing site where knuckle-draggers derive perverse pleasure from pushing victims to suicide. References: _ _
An explanation of the ratings/reviews vs average: 1. MyWOT allows ratings without reviews, so members of this site may have inflated the rating. 2. MyWOT ratings are based on a meritocracy, and users have a hidden weight to their ratings based on their rating activity and the age of the posted ratings. As for the rating, it is definitely an unsafe site, where victims are doxed and harassed.
Hate, stalking and doxxing site ran by alt right incels. Unless you're an absolute immoral POS, stay the f#@$ away
See ***** See also *****
Parental guidance advised
I count 25.5 stars in 12 reviews here. That is equal to an average of 2.1, not 3.6. How am I supposed to trust you if you misreport the safety of this notorious cyberstalking site owned by a very disturbed young man with some serious psychosexual disorders? Surrounded by the most astounding array of perverts I've ever encountered on any web site, Kiwi Farms has been connected to numerous suicides, several mass shootings and a few thrill killings. Joshua Moon has bragged to me that his site has over 2, 000 people targeted as "lolcows" to be ridiculed and lied about, most often projecting their own paraphilic fantasies at the lolcows. I'm one of their favorite targets and am being threatened with assault next Saturday at noon by one of their members.
The website design is excellent, but it is wasted on the 4chan losers that populate the forum. Expect lots of racist/homophobic slang, especially if you storm in there and annoy the members. It would be better if there were more decent people on the site, but given that the entire point of the forum is to mock Chris-Chan, that's not going to happen.
This site is a source of doxing, hate, harassment, discrimination and a ongoing risk to privacy. Untrustworthy.
cyberstalkers, cyberbullies, transphobes, and discrimantorty against autist. Pure Evil Wait they are doing is not freedom of speech. Freedom is doing everything that doesn't hurt other, .. What are they doing is speaking hate and that is ANTI FREEDOM OF SPEECH Liberty or freedom is doing what you want without hurting other volontary, not insulting on his religion, sexuality, handicap or passion. This site is ANTI-FREEDOM and fully illegal
A bunch of bored spammers, impersonators, cyberstalkers, and cyberbullies.
Site loves to discriminate people they don't like, calling everyone that's different an austist or someone that has Asperger's Syndrome (they call it "Spergs") even though these people that they hate, don't have any of the two aformentioned diseases, calling anyone that agrees with a woman a "cuck" & loves doxxing people they don't agree on. Has been black-listed by DuckDuckGo & have pushed a female game developer towards suicide: ***** *****
This site is for gossip, and is for people 18+. Not safe for children. Do not enter this site if you're easily offended by content, or the opinions others may have. It's safe otherwise if you don't mind bad language or potentially NSFW images.
este site seu e-mail e seu IP é exposto ao publico, e também o site contem bullying
Great site run by a great person Null. I hope to one day marry a woman I meet on this site.
Disgusting website!
The nature of the site makes visiting it a risk - there are frequent attempts at hacking and inserting viruses into the site by people who want to shut it down.
This is an extremely toxic site full of cyberstalkers and cyberbullies, who have nothing better to do with their lives. People have committed suicide because of the horrific level of bullying from this site.
Kiwi Farms is a gossip forum for discussing Internet eccentrics and dramamongers, who are referred to as lolcows. Whether the people discussed deserve to be scrutinized is debatable, but nothing on the site is illegal.

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