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kuaizip.comreviews 5

The Kuaiya installed other software. At the same time, my laptop has been loaded a malicious Web site reported by KIS

TimeKeeperFri Jan 16 1970

安装后后台加载恶意软件。安装包virscan的扫描结果 : 17%的杀软(6/36)报告发现病毒。安装后AAShell.exe有生成,大量杀软报告发现病毒!!


I found no problems with this software. It did not install any other software and does what it is supposed to do: it extracts and compresses archives. Its default archive type (kz) has a fairly good compression ratio. The software can handle a large number of popular archive types including ZIP, 7-zip, RAR, TAR and Gzip.

Ginger1205Sat Jan 17 1970

I see nothing wrong with English website, but the Chinese website is blocked by my Antivirus. KuaiZip (English version) is listed on Softpedia and is tested to be 100% clean of adware.

ravenlord1Sun Jan 18 1970

This site hosts malware, plain and simple. Even after I selected all of the opt outs and specifically installed it to associate ONLY with KZ files, it still hijacked all of my compression and mount files. Even worse, webroot blocked an additional attempt ([W32.Adware.Amonetize]) during installation.

And I was able to duplicate most of what happened.

Picture 1 (see below) shows the opt out. Unfortunately pic2 (see below) shows a vaguely worded opt back in that pops up after the original opt-out. I read pic2 incorrectly and accidentally opted back in the first time. I did it correctly the second time.

However, pic 3 (see below) shows the context menu changes that occur without a prompt at all. I was able to navigate the options menu and remove most of them, but needed CCleaner to remove others.

The major problems are shown in pics 4 (see below) and 5 (see below). There is no opt-out anywhere for these, and no menu options within the program to remove or avoid this. The only way to fix would be to manually re-associate the 100+ file types . Most of the multi-folder types over .010 could probably ignored. However, re-associating the mount files is a challenge, as some of them are sometimes associated with music files and other times with virtual disks. It is all context related.

Bottom line is that I am considering this malware. In the opt-in I clearly select KZ and ONLY KZ. However what I actually get is an additional 100+ file association changes that I neither want nor need. And which is troublesome to fix.



Safety Rating Breakdown


50 / 100

Child Safety

81 / 100