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The software client and installation package do not display correctly on American computers. Chinese characters may show up as boxes, question marks, or random unicode symbols. To fix this, go to Control Panel, then to the Clock, Language, and Region section. Click on Region and Language, go to the Administrative section, then click Change System Locale. Switch your system locale to China PRC, and the problem will be fixed. For those who don't want to or are unable to switch system locales, installing the software might be tricky because it does ask you to install sponsor programs, which are actually just a bunch of malware. The options to uncheck and decline the bundled malware are all unable to display correctly on American computers, so you may accidentally install something nasty if you don't change your system locale. If you aren't willing to switch system locales, this program may not be for you. Also, this site and its software client do advertise "hot" girls. While the advertised pictures don't expose anything over-the-top graphic, I wouldn't show any of those images to a 5 year old.
It is a great asian music site
The site itself doesn't seem to have much problem. Provide bad software, if you use its Kuwo Music Box 2012, it'll popup ads at the bottom right corner from time to time, it'll run 3 services: KuwoMusic.exe, KuwoService.exe and IEsandbox.exe in one go. KuwoService.exe will STILL run in the background after you exit the music box. There are some more problems that I saw from the Kuwo Forum but can't prove myself. Like KuwoService.exe will upload something. The forum person in charge(not creator) said it'll share the music(upload) when you're streaming the music for test listening. 不止有广告不时不时在右下角弹出,关了酷我音乐盒 2012,KuwoService.exe还在背景运行。运行时有三个程序KuwoMusic.exe,KuwoService.exe,IEsandbox.exe 还有一些问题我不能证实但是看酷我贴有人反映KuwoService.exe会上传流量,官方说是在试听歌的时候也分享给别人之类的。
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