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Deborah S.Wed Jan 14 1970
I use at work and home. The tags help me pick appropriate music for whatever I'm doing - the "soundtrack of my life." My favorite is bossa nova!
I use it since 2005 and I can say that it's the best site of its kind in the Internet ;)
FantasyFreak1Thu Jan 15 1970
Great site useful for sharing your music experience with other users.
Probably the best music site on the internet. I've been a fan since 2006 and I've enjoyed listening to it all the time.
Keeps track of you listening habbits and set you up with similar artists, musical neighbours, and much more.
One of the best sites for online music streaming, scrobbling, charting, listening, and downloading legally. What can't it do?
I LOVE THIS SITE! Great place for music, and just to have fun. is ALSO ad-free!
kickass site
Perhaps the best source to listen to music online! You can build playlists, add new tracks and albums to your library and the best part is based on the tracks in your library, recommends you to new tracks that suits your taste. You can even listen to other member's playlists. But for me, there is a glitch in playing tracks in your library, as it tends to only play 3-4 albums and after that it says: "Oops! No content", and you can only listen to your library twice a day. But other than that I highly recommend
jaibee.josephThu Jan 15 1970
Great site for listening music...

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