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This is a plagiarism site and a moral hazard to young impressionable school children. Please do not waste your education by paying someone else to do your schoolwork for you. If you really do not want to learn this badly then do not waste your time and your teacher's time and go do something else with your life. It is better to be an honest tradesman than a dishonest academic. How much can you trust this company when their business is cheating, academic fraud and plagiarism? Please do not be cheated and do not cheat yourself.
Total waste of time and money. Buy an essay here, use it as your own work, get found out here:
Offers to do your school work for pay, and claims the work will not be plagiarized (stolen from other authors). Do not be fooled by a loose group of transient micro-workers spamvertising this site on social networks. Submitting someone else's work (theirs) as your own is plagiarism, for which you (not they) can be disciplined or expelled and blacklisted as a cheat. Risks: tracking, spam, credit card fraud, identity theft, expulsion. Do not provide any financial or personal data.
hypercleatsSat Jan 17 1970
Site itself is not a vector for malware infection, nor is it a tracking site. However, it engages in potentially illegal transactions (taking money to surreptitiously complete your schoolwork for you), and it is most certainly unethical. Terrible place for children since it teaches how to cheat in school. (And teaches by example how to profit from encouraging and aiding students to cheat.)
Mark_b_OreillyFri Jan 16 1970
O.k. this site has been given poor ratings but WOT. What the rating doesn't understand is yes this site offers to sell essays, which isn't good but it does offer good information on case law. Clearly the correct rating for this site is Mixed rating because of this with child safter being low rated.
Excellent customer service and delivered quality work right on time as promised. Did not need to use their rewrite service as they had followed instructions closely. Will use again.
Anjali.SheoranSat Jan 17 1970
Its a very useful website for academic referencing.
anarchic teapotSat Jan 17 1970
Site not kept up to date, therefore unreliable
WOTRocks223Sat Jan 17 1970
Similar to except that it has added malware.
It's a blog discussing legal issues. Probably run by law professors. It's fine.

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