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NarutomasterFri Jan 16 1970
i bought some thing and it was fake
natagalan lang pagdating ng item ko, but at least dumating kahit papano...
bello_kulubotSat Jan 17 1970
The biggest online shopping mall in Philippines.
Serious online shopping in Indonesia.
Arthur.UtterbackSat Jan 17 1970
Logistics problem After emailing back and forth with Lazada, I finally received my order after 1 month and 1 day. I had to come back here to upgrade the site for finally following through.
lemon_sorbetSun Jan 18 1970
Your site needs fixing. When I search for 15" monitor laptops and then expand the search to include 17", the number of results drops to zero.
Yes this site is real and safe. I made orders from them several times without issues. Before making orders check on sellers rating and ship on time located on the right side. The higher the ratings from customer the better. Just because the site is not working according to your needs and liking does not mean their fake. they just need to improve their site.

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