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Libreoffice, a fork of Safe software.
Site officiel du projet LibreOffice, c'est un "fork" de crée par "The Document Foundation". LibreOffice est multiplateforme et publié sous licence GPLv3 !
Great open source alternate to MS office .
Good and easy to use alternatvie to Microsoft Office or OOo. Depends on the way of usage and the User which of these Products is "better"
Write your commentit is a free alternative to office of Microsoft, it is an excellent site and it works the wonder product and this based on open office
mrblue2k10Fri Jan 16 1970
Freie Officelösung mit ordentlichem Funktionsumfang.
vercinstexFri Jan 16 1970
great software open source and totally free A++++++++++++
Great alternative to MS office. Works just as good, but is completely free and safe. And it seems openoffice is going to stop being worked on, so that means this will probably be a better alternative to that also.
shellyspaffordFri Jan 16 1970
Safe site and good products.
rusty shacklefordFri Jan 16 1970
Started by the developers of Open Office, because of Oracle. I switched to Libre Office because I will follow the developers.

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