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lifeway.p0.comreviews 4

Lifeway is a good site for those who follow the Christian worldview. Satan loves to attack
anything that presents the HOLY as opposed to the profane.

toklatkateFri Jan 16 1970

This is a Christian ministry site by a Southern Baptist Association. Extremely safe.

Debbie BlendermannFri Jan 16 1970

I have ordered from this site numerous times. Almost funny that this site would be dubbed "unsafe."

You can also find help on many different issues at this site.

Not as cheap as some of the used book sites, but still excellent.


It seems that a lot of Christian sites on WOT are rated poorly. And by this, it seems that you have a group of people that are anti-constitution (Christianity must be excluded from the constitution and the rights there in), anti-freedom (as above, the only ones that should be allowed freedom is atheist (top group) and other non-Christianity (including the Jewish religion because it based on the the true God and moral living) religions (lesser group), and anti-Christian and morals, and attack these (constitution, freedom, Christianity, and morals)every where they see them, at every opportunity they get, in an out right attempt to destroy them and silence them and God, His message, and way of living.
They are no different then the Nazis, Stalinist, white supremacist. They truly do not care for others, only self, in which they live their life in hate and bigotry. They do not help society, government, and their fellow man, they only tear them down and destroy them. As such they should labeled a hate mongering militant and an enemy of the people.
Lifeway, which is associated with the Baptist, is trustworthy on all accounts, and they have good articles, which the above mention group hates because it shines a bright light on their dark, evil life and way of living, exposing them and their way of living. Yah for God and His message , and Lifeway, may they continue putting forth God's message.


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