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LivePerson offers various solutions for online interaction management, using a multi-channel communication platform which suits small and midsized business.

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Domain listed on several blacklists, including Spacequad AntiSpam Services.
I can't rate a site that won't load.
Site de spammeurs - Spamvertised site
printmoneyFri Jan 16 1970
Beware, spies at work!
matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Communication platforom for small business (live chat)
haywoodjablowmeFri Jan 16 1970
I had a question regarding a form I was filing -- tech support provided via Several hours later I was still awaiting a live person to assist, thus I performed my own work-around which will certainly not give me the desired result. Thank you very much for being absolutely useless!
This is another script server site that apparently serves scripts that enable a text based communication between the client's customer service and the customer. This site is not suitable for children. I just noticed that when entering the rating, it was for suitability, but when displayed, indicates Child Safety which is a completely different rating. If someone knows how to get a suggestion to the webmaster, please ask the webmaster to fix this discrepancy. is listed in OpenDNS's Block Tool
Required by certain sites for online chat support
bp-browserSat Jan 17 1970
3rd-party live chat support and tracking, ad-targeting provider for websites. "real-time intelligent customer engagement" They used to be spammers (more than once) and also ad-ware / spy-ware distributors for a while... Now the site seems to be OK but it is not needed (except if you like to be tracked and monitored, 'targeted' with ads) and not so useful.

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