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MailTrack, the Whatsapp double-check (✓✓) in your Gmail. Find out where and when your emails were read, and which device was used. Free forever! And without sending limits. Privacy assured. 100% Safe.

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Мало информации о сайте и его продукте. Контролировать прочтение писем предпочитаю самостоятельно, без посредников. Сомневаюсь в полезности и необходимости предлагаемого продукта. Есть риск конфиденциальности.
Anton SamsonovSun Jan 18 1970
Tools for mass e-mail transmission and tracking, used by spammers.
mateojacksonSun Jan 18 1970
A great tool for marketers and not only! I personally use it to communicate with my clients and even university professors (as it's always good to know if he checked your assignment). It's a pity you can't remove ads on a free version anymore...

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