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A trusted global name in skin care, makeup & body care. The latest beauty advice, makeup trends, virtual makeover & unparalleled business opportunity.

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cyberglyphThu Jan 15 1970

I'ts Mary Kay! Trustworthy. It does store a cookie on your system but It doesn't appear to be a big deal.

TexasChelleFri Jan 16 1970

I have a Mary Kay site and we do not get any personal information that is not put in by the user themselves. This is an extremely safe & secure site.

still_cheeky2Thu Jan 15 1970

Only has bad marks because of jealous competitors.

mrsdiamondsFri Jan 16 1970

Its a good site, I have one and have gotten some orders through it. The Rep has to finish out the order and confirm all your information is correct. The bad part is that it doesn't calculate taxes for the rep and it the rep has to manually submit the credit card information that the user put in. The credit card info is secure as the rep can't see what was entered, it will just say approved or declined when we try to process it.

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82 / 100

Child Safety

76 / 100