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Resells stolen mojang accounts
Resells stolen Mojang accounts. Revend des comptes Mojang volés.
DasFlorianSun Jan 18 1970
Best Website for Minecraft accounts, safe to use and risk free.
This is the site where you get free Minecraft accounts and hacks. It has no viruses, but it isn't allowed hacking or getting accounts for free.
Nice site that allows you to use public alts. Can be used for people who just want to be anonymous on a server (for example you're a person with a bad rep on a server and you want to play without people saying "f**k you (your IGN)" in chat), and more.
BaterTheRaterSun Jan 18 1970
It Gives Away Free Minecraft Accounts That Are Unused. The Problem Is That It Might Be Illegal In Some Places. So, If You Like This Game, Buy Your Own Account! Also, It Might Give Personal Information Away And Somebody Can Hack It Using This Tool. I Entered My Right Password In Minecraft, But It Said It Was Wrong. I Sent A Password Reset Form To Mojang And It Worked. I Believed That A Poor Man Got My Account From This Website And Changed The Password. So, Send A Form Here And Enter Your Email, Follow The Instructions On Your Email And You Are Done.
This site does what its supposed to but also when you put your minecraft account into the website, the authenticator, or the launchers provided they are taking your account and putting it up as an alt for others to use. But is technically allowed because inside the sites Terms Of Service it says this. Not good for children could lose their account that their parents paid for and could possible lead to them accessing emails and getting some possible private information
NoahLiedFilmSun Jan 18 1970
They give away stolen/hacked minecraft accounts from people that fall for phising sites. Don't use these accounts! Even though they say it are just "accounts from people that don't use them anymore" it are all hacked accounts.
romansulc13122006Mon Jan 19 1970
They sold me a non-working alt, that can't join mineplex and other servers.
fluffypancake25Sun Jan 18 1970
I've been spending some time doing research on this site. I've found it is unreliable. I found duplicate 'reviews' for the on many sites that check credibility (including this one). I doubt that there are people enthusiastic enough about this to do something like that. I think they're fake accounts. I've found forum posts of people claiming to have their (main) account hacked into or stolen after using this program.

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