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English to Chinese dictionary with Mandarin pinyin - learn Chinese faster with MDBG!

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I use it all the time for chinese-english translations and it does a very good job of identifying the phrase you want to say
Just simple brilliant
Great site for learners, large simplified and traditional Kanji dictionary for Chinese. Precise, wish it encorporated a sentence translation as other sites have. Overal just an easy quick dictionary for refernace.
The best site for chinese hieroglyphs learning. Large dictionary, handwriting input, stroke order visualization - simply brilliant. Recommend it to all chinese language lovers.
Very good site for finding individual words or characters (traditional and simplified). Very large dictionary. Great for learners.
Great, informative site, simple to use, friendly, and no ads! I would gladly pay to use this site.
I've used this site for years!
dfghhjbghvSat Jan 17 1970
It's ok. But not good as google translate.

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