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MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 50GB now!

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Encrypted storage with a large amount of free storage, what more could you need?
LivebriandFri Jan 16 1970
It's the new Megaupload. Time will tell if the US decides to go after this one as well though... (it's entirely in New Zealand this time, so hopefully not)
Successor of Megaupload.
Cabarrubias ProductionsFri Jan 16 1970
It's BACK! It's BACK! Seriously and True! Kim Dotcom is BACK! The new Megaupload a.k.a. MEGA will be here in January 19th, 2013!
GOOD WORK KIM, AND WELCOME AGAIN MEGAUPLOAD!!!! :DDD Don't say that it's slow, wait that people finish to upload their por... ehm... their files an it should be faster :D
Retour de MégaUpload :)
deathswalkFri Jan 16 1970
Very good online storage that is encrypted so you can share with privacy.
They use 2048-bit RSA encryption to ensure the privacy of your stored content using your password. As of now, if you have anything stored on the site and have forgotten your password, you will not be able to reset your account's password and get your files back.
furticatorFri Jan 16 1970
how can you judge a website that is not currently online (I mean the upload services) ? Let's wait till 01/19/13 before to say that it's a good site.

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