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MerchantCircle is the largest social network for local business owners. Services include free online business listings, free marketing tools, internet advertising, business websites and online video.

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merchantcircle.comreviews 21
michelle0099Thu Jan 15 1970

This company is part of a media conglomerate called Global Crossing Telecommunications that operate under many different names. They link with Yahoo to offer services such as internet coupon and business reviews that favor the company. If a customer leaves an unflattering review of a restaurant, they give the owner the heads up to delete it before posting (for a fee I'm sure.)Their bate is ads for free stuff – even money for college, They prey on social networks, use Career Builders, surveys, whatever. Armed with your info,they will spam you or call incessantly. Rule of thumb: if the caller ID # is out of service and the call back mail box is full, it's a scam.

WitchettyGrubThu Jan 15 1970

This company sends unsolicited telemarketing calls saying something to the effect that "a customer wants to verify that you are a legitimate business, and that you should go to their site to verify your business by putting in your phone number" (which the company probably sells to other companies). No legitimate business uses telemarketing robocalls. Stay away from this site.


Scam Scam Scam

You see a phone number to call for this company and they want to charge you .00 just to call for customer service and .00 more to remove your listing that never gets removed.

If you type in your company’s name, you see Merchant Circle’s crappy posting. It’s like a virus you can’t kill!

DanZ_in_TNThu Jan 15 1970

JavaScript web bugs for 6 tracking/advertising companies (per NoScript).

marianDesignsThu Jan 15 1970

I haven't had a particularly good experience with Merchant Circle. I've received comments from a company that must be associated with MC, saying that they've never offered me coupons. What I meant to say is that MC is always coming up with ways that I can help myself, by offering coupons to my shops (not possible with shops). They want me to spend money to improve my standing with the MC world of businesses. They receive the money, so it's paid advertising. I don't see the benefit, for my ONLINE SHOPS. When I spend money to advertise, I advertise with similar online enterprises. MC wants me to network with other "LOCAL BUSINESSES." When I went forward with this, to be friendly with my local community, I found that MC sent invitations to local businesses that went out over my name/businesses. I found this embarrassing. I don't want to solicit business for MC.


This company is locally owned and operated and is not a part of any conglomerate! The site contains no tracking or 3rd party cookies or pop-ups. Submitted information is never shared with any 3rd party.


Be careful! dangerous website!!


Useless in finding business. Others want to sell you stuff.


5 web bugs (Invisible Tracking Cookie)
Web bug link to wikipedia” Tracking Cookie"

ElidawneliFri Jan 16 1970

Total BROWSER HIJACK on this page and perhaps others:
Eagle Equipment Rental, Clearwater FL 33761 —


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


88 / 100

Child Safety

90 / 100