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DanZ_in_TNFri Jan 16 1970
7 scripts or web bugs for tracking/advertising companies (per NoScript). Good privacy? Trustworthy? See
Angel RoseThu Jan 15 1970
They're abusive to their readers, for no reason.
If you want news from Britain, use the BBC or the Independent. If you lean to the left, maybe the Guardian. The Metro, along with the Daily Mail and to a lesser extent the Times, have poor journalistic practices.
futura2010Thu Jan 15 1970
Loads of them! Adverts play sound constantly whilst on the site
Many ads, and popups. 7 tracking cookies.
SirBrendanSat Jan 17 1970
There is absolutely no qualification for the information they push: it is trash posing as news
Poor news quality along with so many ads. In short, not recommended.
Peddles the same lies and propaganda as its sister "paper" the Daily Mail.
matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Informative site for someone who look news from Britain
Provence.TThu Jan 15 1970
good website!

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