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MineCraft Consulting is a professional engineering consultancy providing mining, mechanical and electrical engineering, and project management services to the coal mining industry. Based in Brisbane, Australia, MineCraft specialise in underground coal mine engineering however also provide support to opencut coal and related mining projects.

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minecraft.comreviews 58

If I'm reading the Whois correctly, this was created back in 2003 before the game of Minecraft itself was created. I wouldn't consider it a typosquatter, and I don't think there is anything malicious. Most people who reach this site may have been looking for

manictigerThu Jan 15 1970

Otter81 is right.
There is no reason this site should have "a poor reputation".
You guys need to check your fire. You're only supposed to attack the tangos.

LeoAllen2002Fri Jan 16 1970

this site was on my dreams. ill tell you some story in a dream: i was going on and little did i know. indev was back but i tried to visit it again and this time.
it is and it downloaded viruses onto my computer but i deleted it easily then i needed to get a minecraft server jar file and gone to the 2nd time.
then it downloaded another virus onto it and the page said: free minecraft
and when i tried to delete the viruses. there was a icon on my tray the icon was a scary
face and it said: Stop! Or Die
but i didnt stop and it lauched an EXE which showed a black screen inside the EXE
and it showed 10 screamers in one time and screamed very loudly.
Disclaimer: the viruses on the story doesnt exist in real life. its just a dream

Sergeant1337Fri Jan 16 1970

Good gaming blog site, NOT a minecraft wannabie, this site was created before minecraft.


Not a typosquatter; owned by a mining company, although it seems unused and is just wasting a domain that could be bought by Microsoft.

tdaviscreativeSat Jan 17 1970

I love this site it helps me with my problems in MC


This is a legitimate business site for a company that is actually named Minecraft.  No, it is not the game site, it is unfortunate for this company that a game came a long later that has the same name and tons of people on the internet have decided it's a typo squatter. was registered 10-jul-2003, was registered 18-may-2009, a full 6 years later.

It's unfair to this company that they continue to be flagged as a typosquatter for a website that was registered almost 6 full years AFTER they registered their own.


Just advertisment, no content.



tnethackerFri Jan 16 1970

Excellent page about mining industry. Why should they change their old name 'cos minecraft was only invented few years ago.


Safety Rating Breakdown


37 / 100

Child Safety

36 / 100