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Minecraft is the fastest growing Java game in the Internet history. We offers you minecraft skins, maps, mods, texture packs and much more.

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minecraftdl.comreviews 64

Downloads listed are not what they claim. They list mods for "1.3.2" when the author has not even updated the mod for 1.3.1 yet. Website author is lying and only trying to make money from the website hits.

TheGuyThatLikesPieFri Jan 16 1970

Do not trust this site. there are many ads that say they are the download link and it is very hard to find the REAL download link. The ads that claim they are the download link give your computer viruses. Since this site has A LOT of ads leading to the virus sites, it should not be trusted because a site that has ads like this has something to do with the viruses, and that is NOT trustworthy AT ALL


This website gives your computer viruses. My friend clicked the download link and it instantly gave his computer a virus. Do not trust the high ratings for this site. The high ratings are probably from the creators of this virus website.

wells.michaelFri Jan 16 1970

HOW does a site like this get positive ratings?

This is a SCAM site that steals peoples copyrighted materials, falsely repackages them with VIRUSES and ADWARE!


They are good but sometimes they have trick ads which say "download" or "virus scan" which are fake and should be avoided with common sense


This website is rated highly, but it contains links to sites that is untrusted. I would think if this site were to be trusted, it would not contains links to untrusted content. Therefore I don't believe this site should be given a trusted rating.

guynorris16Fri Jan 16 1970

When i checked off my ad block the site instantly gave me a virus


The site has some advertisements disguised as download links, I got a Trojan virus from a misleading download link. be careful when installing. Make sure to not click on a advertisement that looks like a download link. I recommend an ad-blocking tool to help find the actual link.(Edit) I recommend just not using this website. if you wish to install mods or texpack. please just use planetminecraft, and find out how to manually install mods (like I did) without using the mod install helpers on this webpage.


This site gives your computer viruses DO NOT USE THIS SITE


Great site for downloading things such as minecraft mods but DON'T click the ads!


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


74 / 100

Child Safety

80 / 100