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ググルアイが届かないので、メンヘラの巣窟になってる感がぬぐえない(´ヘ`;) おかしな人が増加 運営は何もしてくれないので、結局ブロックしかない現状に疑問
really good site. highly recommended and safe.
Japanese version of MySpace, but it has better function than MySpace. Very entertaining.
matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Kind of mySpace in Japan
tototototobbyThu Jan 15 1970
my bookmark!
It's joyful contents for adult age; but... this site has loopholes in the authentication mechanism to prevent the admission of children to the misrepresentation of age (about free-fee members).
Most popular Social Networking site in Japan. This site has too many ads.
Meison_StyleThu Jan 15 1970
SNS is popular with the Japanese.
One of the most visited sites on the web

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