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MSN Games games is your destination for new download games and a daily free online games. MSN Games games is the home of hit games like Bubble town, Dream Day Wedding and more. Join today and enjoy GameSaver exclusives.

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Malicious Website! –
This site includes Malware –

Righteousman3Thu Jan 15 1970


I thought this a wonderful site, play great games free onlin …


I thought this a wonderful site, play great games free online, download a 1 hour trial version, or purchase individually, or by contract. Shows commercials while occasionally downloading during online game play. I thought "Wonderful customer service" until I had a problem.
For over 4 months they could not help me with my contract payment/download problem. They ended up charging me double for 3 months, and triple for 1 month. Most of the dozens of times I contacted the customer service department, they had no idea of the previous letters written back and forth, so I had to explain it all again a great many times.
They told me that I needed to start a new contract to fix the problem. By then I did not trust them any more. I asked to cancel the contract, they did, then billed me all at once for the remaining contracted months, and told me that I had a limited time to order the remaining contracted games. I complained about the rush I found myself in, and they told me that once I canceled the contract, that they could not change anything about it, or re-open it. There were other download problems, and some of the games would not work on my PC.


This site engages in activity which might negatively affect your computer. Proper discretion should be used when visiting this site or providing any personal information.

TheLuckDogThu Jan 15 1970

I'll give it a low "Good" rating. Almost all of these gaming type sites have a certain amount of mild malware. Almost all of it can be easily blocked by freely available privacy applications. And even if you chose to run the site as-is, the mentioned "bugs" are almost always harmless, just irritating. Because the site offers free versions of the games (although with usually limited features), then they simply HAVE to include some form of ads, pop-ups, etc., in order to pay the bills. I feel the ones who give this type of site an overly harsh rating are actually competitors who are operating their OWN similar game-site. This is further hinted at by the very names of the ones giving the bad reviews. Enjoy the entertainment they offer & don't let the extreme "DANGER! MALWARE!" warnings upset your ulcers. If the site is connected with a well-known web presence, it PROBABLY isn't going to format your hard drive, fry your CPU, steal your passwords, & phone the CIA.

Righteousman3Thu Jan 15 1970

Crashed 2 computers in 1 hour! At the local college, I got …


Crashed 2 computers in 1 hour! At the local college, I got onto this site to download some trial games. While downloading, I got a warning from either a virus on this site, or from the computer. I followed the directions to deal with the virus. The computer froze. I did not believe that the site caused the problem. I repeated the previous actions, got the same results. Both computers were frozen, the college took them offline with a virus infection notice, and eventually removed them. For over 1 year I had been using this site daily, with no problems that I could directly blame this site for. But even though it took a year to identify it as a risky site, it allowed someone to infiltrate it with a seriously nasty bug.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


61 / 100

Child Safety

89 / 100