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Clean up your PC in three easy steps with MyCleanPC. Get a free diagnosis to find issues that may be slowing down your PC in minutes. As Seen on TV.

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mycleanpc.comreviews 127

After I read the reviews posted other places about, I came here and downloaded the trial vershun and ran it. it found a lot of stuff wrong with my computer. I bought the upgrade since it came with a 30 day money back guaranteed, and I figure I have nothing to lose. well it did what it's supposed to do and when it restarted my computer, it was more faster. Now i am not a computer expert but it seems to me to run faster so i am very happy with it. I like my computer being faster.


This is CyberDefender ( with a new website name, same game, same rogue sfotware. Before download from here or any other CyberDefender site, read this forum thread, all of it.


they distribute poorly written software per pcworld – "I was working on a computer that had CyberDefender installed on it, the evaluation version, and it would not uninstall. After calling their support they told me that PC World recommends their product and for they would uninstall it for me. These people should be in jail and PC World should NOT recommend this scam to anybody."

randythamesThu Jan 15 1970

i hear about my free clean on the radio in my car they say if you internet does,nt load up with in 3 seconds or you email you personal information is at risk and you could have a virus that,s a lie that,s just one of there little tricks to get to put rougue security on your home PC
then you,ll be in much more trouble than you was before surf the web the safe way with WOT DON,T FALL FOR THESE NONSENSE SCAMS BE SMART

ty55ty55tyThu Jan 15 1970

I got the version for my dad and was happy with it. Easy to use and got the computer to run more stable. Don't know why people bash it, good site and product.

DemonslothThu Jan 15 1970

NEVER trust t.v. ads about software claiming to "clean your PC", it's all a scam.

I recommend:
*spy-bot search and destroy

Those well get the job done for free.


This is CyberDefender – so the product works as advertised. Ive used it for some time now and it does what it says. Looks like some of these comments here are from competitors


Rouge program; scareware

The program pretends to scan your computer, even makes the hard drive light flash, and then displays fake results. To remove those "problems"., you need to pay for the program.

The preference does increase, but only after it decreases it.

NEVER trust any "anti-virus" you see on TV. They're always, always always always, ALWAYS scams.


Useless software. I saw the ad on television, and was curious about how bad it would be… It met all my expectations.

I created a clean, up to date vmware image of windows XP with no additional software installed, and it "found" 422 errors that were significantly impacting my PC performance. What it actually found were some registry keys that we empty because the programs hadn't run yet, and some otherwise normal settings that have no impact on performance.

It did uninstall, or at least reported that it was uninstalled but it left a couple of files on the system, and a number of registry entries. They looked harmless, but I cannot be sure.

If this software were free I would still recommend that you not install it.

hollyrobbins75Thu Jan 15 1970

I'm really shocked to see so many negative reviews. My parents saw the commercial on TV and bought this software off the website for their old laptop. It was an attempt at a cheap solution and it worked. LOL It probably doubled the speed of the laptop from before. So we have no complaints.


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