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mysearch.avg.comreviews 13

Sneaked in without permission.

Klaus ReimsFri Jan 16 1970

Installs itself without user permission (I explicitely clicked "Decline" when asked if I want to install mysearch avg) and it's a real hassle trying to disable/ uninstall it. Very annoyed and I will make sure to never use AVG Antivirus products.

florence of arabiaFri Jan 16 1970

I have worked tirelessly fo about five days scanning, resetting the home pages of internet explorer and mozilla to stop mysearch avvg from taking over my mozilla start page.

InfinityseedFri Jan 16 1970

I have BurnAware Free, which was installed OEM. I rarely use it, but when I did recently I made the mistake of updating the software, even though the log showed the update was minor and probably not necessary. Without displaying any checkbox for my approval, this software installed AVG Guard and Search on my computer. The AVG software informed me that it was going to install on Internet Explorer, which I refused–it installed anyway. I don't use IE at all BTW. So to my surprise it installed itself into Chrome without asking for permission. It also hijacked my browser home page, my search engine of choice, and made itself a great annoyance. Now, as a result, my new tab features AVG as my search of choice. I have removed all other visible traces of this thing from my system, yet it remains. The reason I am rating their website so poorly is because their representatives are claiming that this software functions as intended. I find it disingenuous at best. If you look at the code where the search tab appears, these are supposed to be most often used sites appearing, yet I have not once used the AVG search or knowingly clicked on that tab. You tell me if that is malware, foistware, crapware, or what. All I know is that AVG is acting like the junk they claim to protect you from. If they do not understand the importance of reputation in security, how can they possibly understand the ever-changing nature of tech threats?

promassterkillerFri Jan 16 1970

This is a Security Search by AVG , she is safe! It's very good browser search powered by Yahoo.


I like the search engine; although, I prefer Firefox better. It works and it is decent engine to use if your computer using the AVG software. In other words, it provides great information on several things that you may or may not be looking for. Great for projects.


найти можно все и все адреса модерируются и безопасны


Where the hell did you come from, AVG thing? Who invited you to hijack my settings?


Installed even though I hit decline.
Now I have MIXI.DJ toolbar on IE.
I do not use IE anyways, so.

sicilian22Sat Jan 17 1970

Довольно интересный сайт, советую пользоваться, можно доверять.


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81 / 100

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82 / 100