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nationalconsumercenter.comreviews 5

spamming spammer hitting spamtraps

Passive DNS for

Records found: 15


Pretends to be a survey from JC Penney. Fill a survey, giving this SCAMMER YOUR data, and in return… IDENTITY THEFT.


Redirects to malicious / questionable sites.


This redirects to itself and you cannot leave page.


The National Consumer Center targeted me via unsolicited email. I did not open the site.

The following is from; a virus removal and guide site,

" is recognized as a destructive web browser redirect infection that interferes with Internet users regular online experience significantly. It generally modify default system configuration – Windows boot sector which has the responsibility for operating system’s boot loader in order to run automatically every time system boots up. Storage devices, local area network, P2P Application/Network Sharing, visiting malicious/untrusted sites, downloading apps from unreliable source and such others could lead to the system getting infected with After it’s installation, it acts like a devil which have the full capability to ruin all the functionality of the compromised computer. Even though, you never accessed to any spam site, can entice into and tamper with target web browser due to it can be bundled with third-party Windows programs. Apart from this, its main objective is to attack your all popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. has been programmed in a highly sophisticated manner by the cyber criminals and hence the normal anti-virus so installed on the computer is unable to detect it. It is extremely important to drop everything that you are doing and to concentrate entirely on removing from your machine."


Safety Rating Breakdown




15 / 100

Child Safety

24 / 100