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Dr. KilljoyThu Jan 15 1970

A major pusher of alternative medicine, endorsing remedies such as colloidal silver that clinical trials have established as useless at best. Worse, it heavily discourages the use of conventional medications – advice that's not just worthless, but can be deadly. They also hate psychiatry.

Won't hurt your computer but full of scam medical ads.

They don't research their articles, I have found many which have huge errors.

Mostly just one big advertisment

Quackery masquerading as health remedies.

Supports scientology

CleanModelFri Jan 16 1970

An alternative health website that heavily promotes misleading and dangerous information and endorses companies that push ineffective and potentially lethal products. Ads typically feature "cure cancer for as little as a day", colloidal silver, and questionable herbal remedies/regimens (I've seen the poisonous plant belladonna being promoted on the ads). The website is heavily anti-vaccine/conventional medicine, and their content is a bunch of lies. Probably most of the medical misinformation that many people believe in came from this website. Don't trust anything that comes from this site.

DanZ_in_TNFri Jan 16 1970

Comparing the comments with the ratings, it is obvious that most WOT voters are uninformed.

Medical and nutritional advice given here is rarely correct. Owner of site does not understand science, engages in wild conspiracy theories, and otherwise distorts the truth.

Love this site! Transformed my life!! 🙂

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Child Safety

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