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naturalnews.comreviews 1776
CostafleetFri Jan 16 1970

I am a fan of this site, I have used this site for alternative medicinal use over and over again. I am an extremely healthy middle aged woman who doesn't need or take any form of prescribed pharmaceuticles what so ever. This is a very informative site for those who WANT to be naturally healthy.

GreenRhythmFri Jan 16 1970 is an absolutely wonderful website, full of health and societal information that can help someone transform their life. I know that it certainly helped me. Since joining, I've switched to an Organic Diet, lost 22lbs in 1 month, managed to fire my Doctor, and feel healthier and more educated than ever before.

Any negative comments that you see on here about Natural News are nothing but pathetic Big Pharma or Big Agribusiness trolls trying to discredit the website for exposing the truth. Go to and see the site for yourself. If you have even half a brain, you'll be able to see the truth in everything that they do.

Keep up the amazing work, Natural News!

LadyRoisinFri Jan 16 1970 is a trustworthy site giving alternative views on treatments and healthy lifestyles which I have followed and quoted from for years…


This website is very trustworthy and is obviously not for the closed minded people out there that live under the delusional lie that vaccines, Pharmaceutical meds and processed foods are good for human beings.

slivermoon22Fri Jan 16 1970

We are a family of 5 and highly health conscious. If it weren't for Mike and his site, we wouldn't know half as much as we know He is a pioneer and a champion and we believe in him 100%. We have purchased products and have followed him on Facebook daily.


I appreciate the news that shares. As a holistic health practitioner, I am all about reading a variety of resources, and is truly worth the read.


Being precise about the dangers of Natural News would require a whole website. Fortunately there are many such easily located:


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Cyclone183Sat Jan 17 1970

This site promotes all sorts of quackery in the form of it being the truth, no doubt about it, using outdated/disproven and incomplete evidence.

This includes homeopathy, certain conspiracies, unproven "miracle" and natural cures. It's anti-vaccine, anti-science, and anti-pharmacy.

The Puzzling CentaurSat Jan 17 1970

Anti-scientific quackery that has its own store. How cute.


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