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Full of Ads!!!
YongkimchongThu Jan 15 1970
the rating is so low may I get higher the rating?
the site has a brunch of scripts running when you surfing, who knows what's happening
Provence.TThu Jan 15 1970
even ther is many adv,but i still can get some good information from that.
mcwill2010Fri Jan 16 1970
This company spams social media websites
According to the webpage "", they proclaimed that "These illegal protesters had surrounded and attacked news reporters on the site, and forced the reporters to delete video footages". (Original Chinese Text: 这些非法集会者还围攻现场采访的新闻记者,强迫记者删除现场拍摄的影像。) The website uses a photo, which a HKTVB cameraman was attacked with pepper spray by the police, to defame the protesters that they were "surrounding and forcing the news media to delete video footage". (这些非法集会者还围攻现场采访的新闻记者,强迫记者删除现场拍摄的影像。) But in fact, there is no evidence showing that the news reporters were attacked or threatened by the protesters. Further information please visit this website:

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