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Although the site does not seem to have viruses or anything, but their method of premium currency changed from the last few years.  Nexon seems to be getting more and more into the Pay2Win style of games with really ruins almost ALL of their games for me.  Also, Dirty Bomb's "anti-hacker measures" has a feature of which the player's PC data and some internet data gets sent to the server which may invade your privacy. Although Nexon has changed, they've made some pretty suspicious things, at least of what I heard.
Either never responds to your ticket or takes several months. Game servers are unreliable compared to modern games.
While the games are good (most of the time), the support is down right awful. It's a shame since Mabinogi is my #1 favorite MMO
They scammed me of my Mabinogi perma combo card. They never fixed it and my combo card expired and I never got compensation. It was overdue for years!
Safe site to use, but they'll try to rip you off when they can. Be cautious.
Helpful è di proprietà di Nexon America Inc. _________________________________ WHOIS: DNS: DNS:
Nexon has fun games but buying anything with their premium cash (NX/Nexon Cash) is nearly pointless.
No bad advertisements and no scams when buying NX for real cash(A currency in game) but it has the WORST costumer service ever! I play maple-story and they take years to reply to your questions and they usually get automatically closed! More than 100 accounts are getting hacked daily! Great games and child friendly but EXTREMELY bad costumer service.....
For free games, these guys do far better than their competition. Depending on your viewpoint, this could be good or bad. A few years ago, their customer service was abysmal and their "fan service" absolutely nonexistant. Now, it seems they've at least STARTED to learn from their mistakes and have begun to cater more towards their free features in their games. One fair point of advice: Do NOT start buying their cash items if you value your hard-earned money. You will eventually be lured into buying more and more items in order to stay on top of your opponents. Granted, that is the entire point of their business model, but your wallet will suffer because of it. Overall, these guys are totally trustworthy, but their business model works a bit too well if you ask me.
Tickets take a minimum of 6 months for an answer from a human.
WARNING: be careful when trying to get free nx points. some surveys are full of viruses.
I absolutely love their games, no problem there.
Great games, horrible customer service.
Great games. Great time. But then you have to hide your credit card somewhere, because your child may spend it just to get "NX" cash for the game. If they do this, tell them that what else you can use instead of buying nx cash.
Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online and Mabinogi are worth your time. Just don't let some of the players's comments get to your head.
Don't invest time and money onto this website.
This game will ruin your life from spending all your money on the real life money they offer.This game is filled with horrible mean people that rued,perverted,and sick.I would never ever in my life recommend this site to everyone because it can lead to stealing, depression,wasting of money,and these games might lead to child/teenagers to fail school from always playing these games and not doing homework/going to work.This games are horrible because they ruin your life forever and they give bad memories if you have played.All in all, these games are life ruining so please listen to me and do not play thee games.
Customer service isn't good but everything else is safe and fine.
Somewhat entertaining. Ntreev is pathetic.

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