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Fun games for kids ages 13+. Just keep your credit card out of reach or your child may spend some cash on this site because they want "Nx Cash." Their customer service is horrible, they take for ever to reply it's completely not helpful.
Child Friendly AND Entertaining, offers 5 games (Mabinogi, Combat Arms (Beta), Candy Rush (Closed beta), Audition, and Maplestory.) After creating a Nexon Passport, simply download the game(s) you want to play!
Nexon is a good company and offers numerous free to play games, their staff is helpful and tech-problems are quickly resolved. however, in game cheating and/or anything that breaches the in-game Terms and Conditions of use is dealt with harshly and individuals are treated like scum. adhere to the rules strictly and Nexon is a fun, friendly place for everyone.
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Great/Fun Fun games though some times rootkits get into Maplestorys updater really need to fix that
It IS a waste of hard earned U.S. dollars to buy 5000 NX Cash for $5, for some items that last 90 days...and most of them are for basically virtual appearance. Overpriced I might add. Also in Maplestory, there are hackers, spam, bad language for young children who are trying to play a game. Source: Personal Experience.
Made countless attempts to actually give them money and they won't take it. I am constantly bombarded with useless and meaningless errors such as the one at There is no maintenance or upgrades - this has been going on for ages now. I was also told by their system that I'm too "high risk" to accept my payment. The first time I tried to contact support, I spent 30 minutes collecting all the information I needed and was given "Error: There was an error while processing". I closed and reopened everything and I got again, "Error: There was an error while processing". I could not contact them! There is no phone number to call them! Several days later it finally works but all the time I spent into trying to contact them was wasted. So far support have not explained this "high risk" problem directly. All I get is reproduced predefined replies which dance around the topic but tell me nothing on how to fix the problem. Another error when I try and make payment is something along the lines of, could not Login, please login and try again. I mean... I can logout and login 10 times and it makes no difference. "I am sorry to hear you have had trouble while trying to purchase NX Cash" - GM Daliah, Support. Well thanks GM Daliah, so am I! Nexon are not interested in hearing about my problem further, they've made that so plainly clear thus far. But I'm sure the readers here are interested. I have wasted so much time and energy in a desperate attempt to get this working with every possible way and I am constantly hit with brick walls. Nexon - your game has been uninstalled and I have shared my experience with all my fellows. They too have had enough and are doing the same.
monster9090Thu Jan 15 1970
Quick and easy! if you do not want too spend money you dont have too you can just play the game normally
Soultaker51Thu Jan 15 1970
For free games you can't beat them...
SAFE SITE. Great for free games.

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