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thoughtlaboratoryThu Jan 15 1970
It's a good place to get mods and tools for most NFS games. No viruses encountered over the few years I've downloaded files from it. is my haven for mods. I have joined the forum and I love all the mods they provide here. Modloader is not a virus. I never had a virus. Been using for 4 years. It keeps getting better and better.
Malicious site. Do not linger. you will get infected. Athlonite.
amishrabbitThu Jan 15 1970
Some of the files uploaded to this site use runtime packers or other code which gets detected heuristically by some antivirus programs.
MALWARE?!?! Ummm... no. Maybe bad people upload virus infected crap, but the comments usually say "VIRUS" Or "VIRUS, do not download!!" stuff like that. VERY good site.
Steven_PSN-14Fri Jan 16 1970
I'm sorry, but I have been using this site for quite some time (haven't registered, but I do have downloaded mods from here), and even while from time to time I got "Trojan.Win32.Swisyn.adwt" warnings from my antivirus software, I simply disabled it and installed my mod, then performed full system scans, and didn't found anything at all nor I'm experiencing any of the typical symptoms of that malware.
Вредоносный сайт / Malicious Site !!!
Engaged in distribution of malware
Visiting this site may lead to negative visitor experience due to the past actions of the owners of this site which may include: distribution of malware, drive by viral downloads, or spamming.

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