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This is 100% a virus. As soon as you go to the site it tries to download it. I went there after finding files on my computer linking to there, no idea how those got there in the first place. Kaspersky caught it and kicked back this message 4 times: Type: Malicious link Name: Precision: Exactly Threat level: High
just turn on ad block and the ad problems will go away, if your concerned about the virus shit then for my sake turn on the antivirus or just go download from other website. i never got a virus here really. Also stop the fucking porn website thing its because you clicked on an ad or popup just close the tab and go back to the website Alot of cracked websties are like this so its the advertisers fault not the wesbite
ive downloaded any single player games from here, before they had their own site i used download from NOSteam through pirate bay and all that, if you ever have cracked or downloaded games through bittorrent then they are usually the uploaders besides a few others. games are not viruses or anything, they are legit, only downside is that you cant update the game version if a new version is released, but they are pretty good about uploading updates frequently if there are any. be aware it is a site ran by ads, i mean they gotta make money somehow, but if you have adblockers you should be fine.
no not safe some games work but have risky codes and malware add to the game the bad codes are well hidden. you are safer just going steam and paying up.....sorry
É um ótimo site pra baixar jogo pirata! Você só precisa saber o lugar certo de clicar e fechar sempre as propagandas. Não recomendo para iniciantes na internet pois algumas propagandas podem sim conter vírus mas já os jogo são todos limpos e funcionam.
I don’t even know how it works but by how the comments look I say I’m not finna destroy my pc or ps4
Viruses and broken games, They don't even play the games and test them before uploading, you might get half way through the game and then Boom broken, they host patches to fix their broken games but.. it takes you to an unsecure website they install links on your desktop... It's basically malware. It's not safe and for the record those comments here giving them 5 stars, that's a self rating. rating themselves!. These Romanians are up to absolutely no good.
Man I didn't expect everyone here to be a fucking pussy, 'it redirects you to porn', 'it looks so shady', 'too many ads!1!1' 'i got malware spyware and whatnot' did you even actually try to download a single game or are you just assuming that's what will happen? Don't even get me started on 'but its not legal!' Yes, nosteam is safe. And the best website you could ever use to get video games for free. And not to mention there's a lot, popular ones and also some you probably haven't heard of. I guess the only problem would be when a game is not updated to newer versions anymore but that's it
Best site i've ever seen for cracked games. Don't listen the idiots that say it has viruses, i downloaded more than 20+ games from this site and my pc is working fine. No viruses or something. They are just paied people to give bad reviews for this site
thx i download virus to my computer there is bad ads viruses , adware , malware, spyware
This could be illegal without buying some games. Need to avoid illegal downloading, otherwise your ISP IP address will be strictly enforced. This could be annoying ads.
this is one of the shadiest web ive seen, just look at this web design
1 when you first open this site you have a popup, when you try to close it you get redirected to a porn popup then everything on the site that you try to click on just turns out to be ads and malware..
when i just clicked on this site i got a popup and when i tried to close it i got redirected to a porn virus.. looks like the whole site is a scam and the links are broken/not real game links/links to malicious sites..
couldnt find any spam or malware, the books are real and legit, i got a book from here and its great! i recommend it :)
Illegal website distributing cracked copies of video games.
I really like the site. It is safe and has no viruses (well none that I have found). It does get annoying when there are advertisements EVERYWHERE and you literally have to search for the games behind an advertisement that you can't get off. There are pop-ups that do have viruses but if your smart and don't listen to that EARN $1000 AN HOUR crap then your alright.
Hate to be the one to say it, but most of the content on here is pirated, not to mention it's swarming with scummy ads (and as another reviewer stated links to a website with a red WOT rating) Exercise caution when using this website, and if you choose to use this site, use Adblock! Unsuitable for children due to the fact that they might download pirated software without knowing what it is.
When i visited this site i was greeted witha pop up that wants me to share them,when I closed it it then generated a pop under which was flagged by W.O.T. When I chose to leave there was the original pop up making it impossible to view content. All this even though i have Adblock Plus
This website is great for getting free games. The games themselves do not serve any sort of harm but they may seem suspicious. The ads, however are terrible. Make sure you have an adblocker. You may be a little skeptical at first but this site is a trustworthy website.
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