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Nice website for cracks, I downloaded 4 games! CoD, Battlefield, GTA 4, CS!
NihadB0OSnaSat Jan 17 1970
Cool site if you don t have a money and you want to play some game all games work
shadowstriker2013Sat Jan 17 1970
its a OK site for games if you are a noob don't have to use cracks there games are pre cracked but I prefer Reloaded and Skidrow. Be sure to install ad block plus ( you will get pounded with ads. Most anti viruses flag cracked games or software because it has been reversed engineered witch a lot of the time is a false positive.
johnfreindSat Jan 17 1970
This website is great for getting free games. The games themselves do not serve any sort of harm but they may seem suspicious. The ads, however are terrible. Make sure you have an adblocker. You may be a little skeptical at first but this site is a trustworthy website.
Good and trust worthy site, ad supported so expect pop ups.
promassterkillerFri Jan 16 1970
Unlegal software , do not download anything of this site! VIRUS!
Have never received any viruses or malware of any kind. I trust nosteam completely!
Upon entering the site, a banner pops up thanking you for using the site and asking you to share it with your friends. If you click the close button, a new tab or pop-up ad will open up opening a site with a horrible WOT reputation. The malicious ads that appear somehow manage to circumvent AdBlock, which makes me very skeptical of trusting a site that would allow such things. Also, after I tried installing one of the games offered on the site, my firewall flagged the setup application as it was installing the necessary files. Why would a simple game setup package require so much access to my network? Hmm...
When i visited this site i was greeted witha pop up that wants me to share them,when I closed it it then generated a pop under which was flagged by W.O.T. When I chose to leave there was the original pop up making it impossible to view content. All this even though i have Adblock Plus
Hate to be the one to say it, but most of the content on here is pirated, not to mention it's swarming with scummy ads (and as another reviewer stated links to a website with a red WOT rating) Exercise caution when using this website, and if you choose to use this site, use Adblock! Unsuitable for children due to the fact that they might download pirated software without knowing what it is.

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