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The latest in nutrition related research delivered in easy to understand video segments brought to you by Dr. Michael Greger M.D.

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Animal well-fare activist Mr Greger, will go to great lengths to cherry pick the data, and blow it out of proportions... to try and convince you that the only healthy diet is the vegan. He calls his site "nutrition facts", but "facts" is something it falls short of. He even asks for your donation to keep his propaganda machine afloat. If you are a vegan, and want to feel good about yourself by any means necessary (even by distorting scientific research), then Greger is your person. Everyone else, stay away.
My initial thoughts as a vegan was that this was a fun and informative page because of the good format of the videos and the charismatic Dr. Greger. However he unfortunately does cherry pick evidence from time to time to exaggerate the benefits of veganism and the ills of animal products. [1] The overarching evidence on consumption of meat (red and processed) points toward an increased risk of all cause mortality [2] - especially due to CVD and cancer. [3] So several of Dr. Greger's claims are substantiated. However given the obvious agenda; I wouldn't recommend it as a main source of nutrition science until he demonstrates that science comes before ideology. [1] [2] [3] Cancer Heart disease Diabetes Obesity
privacyseekerSun Jan 18 1970
The site is distorting facts, despite knowing better, to support a political agenda. This site is definitely not a place to gather information, especially not about nutrition or animal products.
wpdeveloper82Sun Jan 18 1970
So many nutrition sites are trying to sell supplements and services. I trust this site because the only ad is for a book and the proceeds go to charity. I also trust this site because links to the actual research studies cited are included.
imratingitSun Jan 18 1970
In a world dominated by money, making us eat food bad for our health and then prolonging our life with costly drugs and procedures is better for the industry. Like smoking, it will take a long time before the truth finally reaches the public (including the medical community). But you don't have to wait before applying the advices of Dr Greger and his team. But you'll have to find your way through the fog created by lobbies. can be your lighthouse. By the way, watch Forks over knives if you haven't.

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