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13thstairwaySun Jan 18 1970
There are many links to various downloads, but even when I found the right one to click on, it began to download a file that would have taken 2 hours to finish downloading. For reference, I was downloading the updated version of a file that I already downloaded from mediafire. The real file takes 1 to 2 minutes to download. Not to mention I got taken to tons of security notice websites when clicking on the wrong thing. Be very careful when using this website, I have not had any success and have only been taken to dangerous websites and dangerous downloads.
The service is very good but they seem to support malvertising... Be Careful where you click or use a good ad blocker...
Man, this  website would be really awesome if they do not put a lot pop ups that redirected to Attacks (virus), even it's great to download at high speed, be careful when you click on the play button, because if you are not fast, the probability of you getting infected is really high!
Warning: Malware - stay away. Reference:
While attempting to download from I was redirected to a site claiming to be microsoft. They claimed I was infected with a virus that was stealing all my private information and if I didn't call the phone number listed they would lock my computer to prevent my infecting others. My browser (Firefox) was actually locked. I could not close it nor leave the page. I finally closed it using the task manager.I believe this site could be a real danger to anyone who has little, or no, computer savvy. Their download speed has also slowed terribly. It took almost 15 minutes to get 440MB. There are many other sites that are much faster and, more importantly, much less risky to use.
Не могу проголосовать за сайт плохо
Publicités et pop up très invasives et dérangeantes/dangereuses (scam).
tekutokiari teku taka tedoshikatoshikafukuSun Jan 18 1970
doesnt allow addblock. so we have no choice but to see adds if we want to use the website.
Same old "your system is infected" spam messages popping up.
clarionwaveSun Jan 18 1970
Clicking on a page led to a popup and a voice warning that your computer is locked up and infected with something. Some people may be tricked into ordering software or tech service to fix the problem.

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