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Service d'hébergement de mails libre gratuit et ouvert.

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openmailbox.orgreviews 35

Google services went down August 13(?), 2013 and 40% of the Internet went black…

Service Diversification, starting with servers like is one way to go.

As for Child Safety, you cannot have privacy and data security, and monitoring of content by a watchdog at the same time. POS(parent over shoulder) should be the order of the day.

This service is as best as they come. Email plain and simple, with IMAP and POP3 to boot.


I use openmailbox and I think it's a very good website.
It has been created in the purpose of protecting data and privacy, and it offers a very good service.
Furthermore, the project support free software by using open source software and open source licences

I think it can be trusted.


I'm using this service for a few months and I am very happy with it.
Since its creation, a lot of new features have appeared and there is frequent improvments.
User support is good and fast.
Spam filters are efficient and the servers deliver my emails in the blink of an eye.
Privacy and use of FOSS is an important and good point too.


A very good webmail, simple but complete, easy but with enough good features. Love it


Excelente sitio de correo electrónico, con soporte pop, imap y web. Impecable… y lo importante… basado en software libre. Felicitaciones a los que llevan adelante este servicio, es un trabajo de excelente calidad.


I started using the service since was forced to close by US government. So far it seems to be the way to go.

Comparing to other email services, this one provides much more control over your own data and account. I definitely like that no one is going to read my email, even though I have nothing to hide. Another pro is that the server is located in Europe.

Using only open source software is one more benefit from my point of view.


I started using OpenMailbox after Lavabit was forced to close by the U.S. Federal Government.
It is hosted in France, and is quite reliable.


To have a safe e-mail account, without spam, adds, spy systeme etc…

Vladimir.VilimaitisSat Jan 17 1970

I would undoubtedly trust this e-mail hosting website way more than any other one. The only way to make e-mailing more secure is by hosting it on your own encrypted server, but that is only for something of high importance, such as business and governmental issues. I also like design and an ability to use cloud services. 10 out of 10.


Ce service d'herbergement email et cloud (owncloud) n'utilisent que des logiciels open-source.

En quelques mois d'utilisation, je n'ai rencontré aucun soucis.
Dès que l'adminisatrateur rencontre un problème de dispo, il le fait savoir via son compte twitter (
Concernant la confidentialité, je pense qu'on peut faire confiance.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


92 / 100

Child Safety

93 / 100