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Official site of the US Office of Personnel Management.

ParlindunganThu Jan 15 1970

Situs informasi OPM atau Badan Kepegawaian Amerika Serikat

US Government site. Safe to use.

Офис управления кадрами является независимым агентством правительства США, который управляет государственной службой федерального правительства.

Much of Obamacare is permanently funded, and would continue even if President Obama shuts down the government as he has threatened.
Obamacare funds are funding "get out the vote" campaigns to support Democrat candidates for public office, funding door-to-door voter registration drives by labor unions and the NAACP with our tax dollars. (Can you say corruption?)

That's why 46 Republican Senators signed a letter demanding a "permanent delay" of Obamacare, which could be just as effective as a repeal. Either way, we must stop the abortion-funding parts of Obamacare, including the employer mandate that forces Christian employers to pay for abortifacient drugs like Plan-B that destroy a living fetus.

I find it insulting that Congressional employees will still receive subsidies for their health insurance under ObamaCare. The Office of Personnel Management skirted the law to grant Congressmen and their staff a special exemption out of ObamaCare's harmful effects.

This is outrageous. Congress should grant all Americans a waiver from ObamaCare's harmful effects by repealing, defunding, or delaying this train wreck of a law.

POLITICO reports:

Lawmakers and staff can breathe easy — their health care tab is not going to soar next year. The Office of Personnel Management, under heavy pressure from Capitol Hill, will issue a ruling that says the government can continue to make a contribution to the health care premiums of members of Congress and their aides, according to several Hill sources.

Well, isn't that nice?

Your health care premiums are likely skyrocketing right now because of ObamaCare, but Congressmen can "breathe easy" because you're going to subsidize the health care premiums of their employees.

We also know that this decision came after significant pressure from President Obama, who was "personally involved" in trying to secure this fix. As POLITICO noted, "It is extraordinarily rare, to say the least, for the president of the United States to get involved in an inside-the-Beltway flap over the payment of health care premiums."

This is specifically the kind of special privilege that Sen. Chuck Grassley tried to prevent with an amendment to make sure that ObamaCare applied equally to those who passed it as it will to those who must live under it.

Well, now the Office of Personnel Management, at the urging of President Obama, has said so much to that.

There's no other way to put it. This is special privilege for people whose salaries are already paid by your hard-earned tax dollars. No one else purchasing health insurance though the ObamaCare exchanges will be able to get such a sweet deal, having their employer pay a large chunk of their health insurance premiums.

Democrats in Congress are writing laws that they want to apply to you, but not to them and their staffers.

And that's an outrage.

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