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cheap pc bits but can be a pain to when taking things back, sometimes not good customer service as i have experienced. be warned!!
blackshuck13Thu Jan 15 1970
Realy great site, they have amazing custmer support and sending things back has always been easy for me. The also have a great forum so check that out as well.
have had provided a good service for me. no complants or worrys
Had have no problems so far
Never had a problem, been buying from the for 3 years!
this is the place for a new pc at a good price
William1979Thu Jan 15 1970
Always received exactly what i have ordered in the genuine brand new condition it should be in.
WilliamzzzThu Jan 15 1970
Love this website. parts all ways arrive on time
quantum137Thu Jan 15 1970
orederd twice, delivered 1 MONTH later! lost lots of money on phonecalls to get my money back.
I have had problems with customer services, very slow to respond. The prices are also high as well.

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