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I like to use PayPal,Excellent way to do business.
I use it regularly with great experience.
Уже приходилось обращаться за возмещением денег и 2 раза paypal был на моей стороне, стороне покупателя, это супер контора, умеют же русские делать программы и проекты, хоть и на чужбине. ставлю 5+
Permanent limitation. Unknown reason, refused to explain. No illegal or immoral sales or purchases. No weapons, whores, drugs, etc. PP Stole my money. Was a valid US account with valid legit information, bank, cc, ssn. PayPal are scammers to the max.
PayEnemy only protects their revenue. If there is a dispute, they choose the option that makes more money, no matter who they have to screw, and it's usually the people who are only trying to make a few extra dollars or trying to aquire a new item, legitimately.
non è sicuro come sito ti truffano
non è sicuro come sito
The site does what it says it will do. They are a payment service that expedites payments B2B or person to person. Have not had any problems that have not been resolcved in a reasonable period of time.
For me it is safe way when you want to pay for something. I have never had problem with it.
disable accounts for no reason refuse to reveal why
Its safe when using sites such as eBay, eBuyer etc... but they charge you for transferring and receiving money which is a bit silly...but its business I guess.
To use for minimal transactions only. Nothing serious should be done with Paypal. If you inform Paypal of a misconduct of a vendor, they do not intervene claiming that they do so only for a limited number of vendor such as ebay ! So they offer a safe platform for any vendor that would want to steel your money. They could implement a rating system for each user. But this would mean less business I guess. For the love of money they forget the ethic. As a end user you are helpless with them, unless you have your bank attack them. Reading ***** give more insight on what this company does.
This is a very dangerous company, that will declare bankruptcy very soon and will take all your money. YOU were warned.
Russian department is worst in the World. Use alternative way of sending payment. and do not buy on ebay. They declare instant sending, but you spend 3 days to activate account. Thick service, automated answers, megafraud!!! Take care about Your bank account and stay away from here
before go on - read Скрытые комиссионные для пользователей из России: теряются деньги на покупке долларов, потом они переворачивают доллары в рубли по своему курсу.
Good safe site. I go here every day, and can't believe I've waited so long to rate them. They can be pirates, but by and large they have really helped revolutionize the online payment world, and have some hand in inspiring digital online currency.
Used them for years, both as seller and buyer. Personally never had a problem with them.
Extra Vorsicht, wenn Ware abgeholt wird- es wird unterstellt, dass man alle Schäden vor Ort hätte feststellen können... Auch wenn Beweisfotos Schäden zeigen, die über einen längeren Zeitraum entstanden sein müssen Beware if you pick up the bought thinks, paypal argues that you should have been able to find out all damages while pickung up and dont pay back even if you can prove Damages with photos... Faites extra attention si vous emportez les choses vous meme, Paypal pretend que vous aviez ete capable de trouver degats au moment de enlevement. Aussi si vous avez fotos de preuve qui montrent que les degats se doivent etre produit peu a peu...
They scam you and can take your money since they are legally not a bank.
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