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Publishers Clearing House is America's Premier Destination for Prize-Winning Fun! Sign-up to win today!

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pch.comreviews 49

Don't fall for it, the sweepstakes is just a ploy to get you to buy magazines and you'll never win anything. My dad signed up for the sweeptakes and they spammed him with tons of emails everyday asking him to 'confirm his registration' :\

Beehoney40Thu Jan 15 1970

This site takes you to a variety of sites that are not safe, therefore, making this sweepstakes a scam

bfloyd1984Thu Jan 15 1970

wants you to go to different websites which are dangerous and loads tons of adware

traveler818Thu Jan 15 1970

AVOID. This site takes you to unsafe sites. Of course they get lots of visits: people like sweepstakes. This one says an order won't increase your chance of winning. But you get spammed every day to confirm your entry. Each time, you have to go through a long list of overpriced stuff to order. Then, if after a week or 2 you haven't placed an order, you have to go through the list AGAIN & AGAIN until you've had enough. Each time you try to log out, a pop up says if you leave this page you forfeit your entry. If after a week or 2 of daily spam, you get to the end of the products list & haven't ordered something, they'll find something wrong with your entry, for example, they'll object to your address or something else that was never a problem before.. They then ask you to reconsider. If you still don't order anything, you'll be asked to go through the list again. Every time you get to the end, If you STILL don't order, you are told not to leave the site until your entry is complete or it won't qualify and the list comes back again. That will happen til you give up. Sounds like false advertising to me. Failure to make a purchase won't change your chance of winning, instead, you will be told that if you leave the page, your entry is invalid. So you have to order to enter despite their claim to the contrary. BIG TIME WASTER.


This company is uses deceitful advertisement and they hid the truth in fine print. They just want to sell you magazines. You will be really really lucky if you win money from them.


Spam ahoy! Constantly get spam from them in the mail. Don't want my email addresses to suffer the same fate.

SonnyandthegshowThu Jan 15 1970

boo this tricks old people

christob72Thu Jan 15 1970

The prize entry forms are supposed to be just that, but the site tries to entice you to buy and spend by taking you through pages and pages of offers before finishing up. Then they say that a purchase doesn't increase your chance of winning. If I come here, it's for the chances of winning the big prizes, not for the offers.


Listed on's top 500 websites list (by traffic).

InFinIteNnTroPeThu Jan 15 1970

Do NOT TRUST PCH site!!!!
Before 'joining' PCH on my Yahoo account I had received perhaps ONE piece of SPAM per 2 or 3 months. Now I get 3 or 4 per/DAY! Do NOT be suckered into this preditory site.
The chance of ever winning anything from these predators is maybe 1 in 100 million billion chances!!!
Dump PCH if you were suckered in to them (like me)


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73 / 100

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